La Ribera. Crdoba

Health center

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Project Description


There are several aspects that make the plot where the old Lucano cinema was located a singularly interesting architectonical problem. On one hand stands its complex geometry as it is usual in the historical centre of Cordoba. On the other, its connection with two streets, Lucano and San Fernando, in this last one through a narrow passageway. It is equally attractive its location inside a dense urban tissue drilled by courtyards of different size buy always with a clear domestic scale.


The firs aim was to create a varied sequence of urban spaces inside the plot. These spaces would be connected by an inner passageway from one street to the other. The presence of some archaeological remains that had to be exhibited enhanced this strategy given that the visitor not only would walk by the ground floor of the health center to find it access but also to find a quiet haven for contemplating and interpreting the remains.