Jyvskyl. Finlandia

Ampliacin del Museo Alvar Aalto

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Ficha tcnica

Alvar Aalto’s design process is closely linked to the concept of the natural. Unsteerable forces of nature (winds, rain, snow, northern lights, growing forests and moving lakes) are represented in his architecture.


Both Aalto’s Museums at Jyväskylä have been always separated by vegetal elements and natural forces. There is no reason to use other representations. We turn to suspended clouds of snow, forest clearings and a delicate curtain of solidified rains.


A winding path of smooth ramps will connect both buildings: a pleasant walk among  the trees and under a friendly cloud. In winter, the concave roof will support a slow snow melting process or collect the water from the storms. A solitary tiny courtyard will show the spectacle of a water curtain surrounding one of the remaining trees.

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