Arahal. Sevilla

Municipal Theater

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Project Description


Buildings designed to house theatres use to be defined by a duality between the vestibule and the scenic hall. Extroversion vs. Introversion. Relation with the city vs. relation with the imagination. In this building these two types of space are contained in two elongated prism that are laid out perpendicularly so that they can shape a triangular plaza. This one will be the first of the urban spaces of the new cultural complex of Arahal.


To make this plaza possible it is necessary to solve the demanding topography of the plot. Our proposal takes advantage of the slope in order to arrange the complexity of activities of the theatre in a simple way. Three levels are defined, each one of them corresponding with a type of user. The upper level is intended for public; it houses the vestibule and the main entrance. The intermediate level is for the artists and the staff; it has the dressing rooms and the offices. The lower level is for service, mechanical, loading and unloading, storage, etc.

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